Why us

What makes PayRev the best in its class?
The templates we provide our members unique revenue-boosting features and a range of tools that give you more control over your site. Here’s what we offer:

AvatarYou can include your Avatar on all your customized pages. One click and visitors are linked to URLs for all your other web sites.YES
Meta TagsAuto-optimized by domain key wordsYES
Multipage Web SiteDefault maximum of two tabs YES
Navigation TabsAuto-optimized by domain key words YES
PhotosYou can upload your photos YES
Related Key WordsAuto-optimized by revenue from related key wordsYES
RSS FeedAuto-optimized by primary key words NO
Site IDYou can upload your logoYES
Site DescriptionAuto-optimized by domain key words YES
Site’s Primary Key WordsBy default, we use your domain’s key words as the keys for attracting Internet traffic YES
Text Guides & InformationAuto-populated relevant text from Answers.com and Technorati.com. Additional text sources are coming soonYES
TMTo build visitors’ trust, we autoplace the common-law trademarks symbol ™ next to authenticated domainsNO
VideoAuto-optimized by Web site content NO
Welcome MessageA message automatically generated from your domain’s key words greets visitorsYES

To save you customization and management time, we have built in a number of safe and hassle-free, intuitive tools, including:

Domain GroupingYou can divide the domains by groups you set upYES
Importable FoldersYou can automatically upload your domains to our system in preassigned foldersYES

For SaleYou can let interested buyers offer bids for your domainYES
Advertise DomainsOption to advertise your domainsYES

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